About Us

"We pride ourselves on the legacy of trust we have earned in our communities by providing safe and reliable transportation for our students."

In 1968, Doug Langs purchased four school buses and began operating these buses under contract for the local Strathroy High School Board. Over the next four decades, Langs Bus Lines Limited expanded throughout Lambton, Kent, Middlesex, Elgin, Oxford and Norfolk counties. Today, Langs Bus Lines Limited operates with over 900 transportation professionals under contract to several school boards and student transportation consortia in South Western Ontario. A full service school transportation company, we operate buses, vans and physically disabled passenger vehicles for home to school transportation and chartered trips for schools and other groups in our communities.

Langs Bus Lines is family-owned and operated from its head office in Strathroy, Ontario. From our network of dispatch offices and vehicle service facilities located throughout Southwestern Ontario, we provide exceptional school transportation for the students and families that depend on us each and every school day.

We pride ourselves on the legacy of trust we have earned in our communities by providing safe and reliable transportation for our students. Our professional, caring staff and drivers have been our most valuable resource for over 50 years, and continue drive us into the future!

Our Team

Langs Bus Lines drivers are safe, reliable and knowledgeable. Our extensive in-house training and driver licence upgrade program empowers drivers with the skills to lead their classroom on wheels. Our drivers possess the right balance of skills and personality to ensure students have safe rides and arrive at school on time, ready to learn.

Our modern school vehicle fleet and state of the art vehicle service facilities have had a track record of reliability and safety second to none for over 50 years!

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Our team of transportation professionals is committed to providing the highest level of customer service. The efforts of over 900 transportation professionals coordinate to deliver students safely, on time, and ready to learn each and every school day.

From its early days serving the local secondary school to the present as a modern, highly advanced transportation company, Langs Bus Lines has been based in Strathroy Ontario. Centrally located in the Southwestern Ontario service area, our head office and vehicle service facility supports our network of local branches. From the farming heartland to the large urban centres of Southwestern Ontario, student transportation provided by Langs Bus Lines is an integral part of local school communities.

Who's Your Driver?

Not everyone is suited to be a school bus driver. School bus drivers are compassionate, outgoing, specially trained individuals who must be able to handle multiple tasks and situations at any given moment.

Langs Bus Lines scrutinizes all of our drivers to ensure that our school bus drivers are able to manage as many as 72 passengers, operate a large commercial vehicle and monitor traffic and road conditions simultaneously at all times.

  • Required Skills

  • Driving a school bus encompasses more than safe lane changes and checking blind spots. Langs Bus Lines' drivers must be able to anticipate the actions of others and take appropriate actions for prevention. Taking extreme caution and remaining calm during intense situations make our school bus drivers defensive drivers. It goes without saying that our school bus drivers have a working knowledge and respect for traffic laws.

  • Make a Positive Impact

  • Parents put their trust in our school bus drivers, making it important for our drivers to develop a positive, professional relationship with their passengers. A driver that knows your child and your child's after school guardian ensures a safe, successful school bus ride for all.

    Langs Bus Lines drivers monitor the behaviours of students and maintain peace and safety throughout the bus. Ensuring the steps are clear, luggage is stowed safely and children remain properly seated are just some ways our school bus drivers protect passenger safety. All of our school bus drivers are trained in basic first-aid, CPR, and emergency situation management. Training in the use of on-board safety equipment and emergency evacuation procedures is a must for all of our drivers. On field trips, our school bus drivers are responsible for knowing the itinerary and are trained to ensure a safe, enjoyable excursion for all passengers.

  • Special Needs

  • Not all of our school bus drivers interact regularly with special needs students, but for those who do, it often becomes a specialty. These drivers are highly sensitive and are able to discuss and prioritize passenger needs.

    They must have specialized knowledge of mobility and securement devices, and the operation of ramps and lifts. The ability to deal calmly and efficiently with unexpected situations or events - medical situations or change in routes - make these individuals valuable additions to the team at Langs Bus Lines.

Our Fleet

  • Student Safety

  • Lang Bus Lines Limited believes that safety and personal security of the children who are in our care daily is the first priority of student transportation. According to Transport Canada, the chrome yellow and black school bus is the safest mode of transportation for school children due to stringent driver eligibility and licensing requirements, high standards of driver training, rigorous daily and periodic vehicle inspection procedures and maintenance obligations, and school bus design and construction that affords passengers superb crash protection.

    According to Transport Canada, passengers of a school bus are 16 times safer than passengers of any other vehicle on the road. School bus drivers must demonstrate exemplary skills and attitudes to transport Ontario students.

  • Drive Clean

  • Langs Bus Lines follows strict emission standards for heavy-duty diesel vehicles and we use ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel. Our fleet is also periodically government emissions tested. These factors contribute to our fleet's low environmental impact. To further reduce students' exposure to school bus emissions, Langs Bus Lines enforces anti-idling policies with our drivers. Our drivers have received SmartDriver certification under the Federal and Provincial Government's Fleet Smart program promoting safe and fuel-efficient driving habits. Recently, we have acquired a full-size electric school bus to add to our fleet, as we continue to look for ways to innovate.

  • Construction of Our Buses

  • Langs Bus Lines school buses are subject to extensive construction and equipment standards, to a much greater extent than any other vehicle on the road. Our school buses must meet stringent standards for structural integrity, crash protection, fire retardancy, and emergency equipment. 

    Passengers sit in specially designed, high-backed, padded seats that cushion them in the unlikely event of a collision. Known as a "passive" occupant protection system, it is designed to "compartmentalize" the passengers and is unique to school buses. Our fleet of vehicles include such features as strengthened steel beams which run the length of our school buses, a steel cage around the fuel tank, and of course the distinctive chrome yellow and black colouring, the overhead flashing lights and stop arm. 

  • Motor Vehicle Inspections

  • In addition to regular mechanical maintenance and daily vehicle inspections, our fleet is subject to extensive safety inspections by licensed mechanics, twice per year, as regulated by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. On several occasions each year, Ministry of Transportation Officers perform unannounced, random Motor Vehicle Inspections of our school buses. Our drivers and vehicle maintenance technicians take pride in the impressive success rate of these inspections.

Did You Know?

Seatbelt Safety and School Buses

One of the most frequently asked questions by parents of students who ride our school buses is, "Where are the seat belts?" The issue of seat belts on school buses has been studied extensively over the years by many organizations and by the governments in Canada and the United States. Transport Canada provides an overview of the passive restraint systems built into school buses and the concept of "compartmentalization". We agree with the Transport Canada report that states: "school bus transportation is the safest way for children to travel to and from school".

The Ontario Government has passed new legislation, effective September 1st 2005, governing the use of car seats and booster seats in automobiles, including vans used to transport infants, toddlers and preschool children.

PLEASE NOTE: car seats and booster seats have NOT been legislated for use in school buses or mini-school buses.