School Bus Safety - Langs Bus Lines

School Bus Safety

At Langs Bus Lines, the safety of your children is our top priority. Use the bus driving safety tips below to guide your conversation with your child, so they can have a safe and happy commute to and from school.

Safety Tips

Before your child rides the bus to school you can help ensure their safety on and off the bus by discussing these safety rules:

School Bus Traffic Laws

Regardless of the posted speed limit, traffic traveling in both directions must come to a complete stop when a school bus with chrome yellow colour is stopped and its overhead red signal lights are flashing at the front and rear.

School Bus Smarts

Following these School Bus Safety Rules helps to ensure a safe, fun ride for all. Understanding Danger Zones, the proper way to get on and off the bus, and being prepared for emergency evacuations further guarantees the safety of everyone involved. Learn more about these essential guidelines to promote a smooth and worry-free school bus experience!