Our People

Bus Driver

School bus drivers are compassionate, outgoing, specially trained individuals who must be able to handle multiple tasks and situations at any given moment. We scrutinize all of our drivers to ensure they are able to manage as many as 72 passengers, operate a large commercial vehicle and monitor traffic and road conditions simultaneously.

Langs Bus Lines - Our Dispatchers

Our Dispatchers

Langs Bus Lines dispatchers help to maintain efficient transportation and safe operations for our fleet. They play a crucial role in coordinating and managing our fleet of vehicles. Their dedication and quick decision-making skills ensure that students reach destinations safely and on time.

Langs bus Lines - Our Mechanics

Our Mechanics

Our skilled mechanics ensure the safety and reliability of Langs school buses. They are responsible for performing regular maintenance checks, inspections, and repairs on the vehicles to ensure they are in optimal condition. Langs Bus Lines mechanics ensure the school buses are always in top-notch condition for transporting students safely to and from school.

Langs Bus Lines - Student Safety

Student Safety

Lang Bus Lines Limited believes that the safety and personal security of the children who are in our care daily is the first priority of student transportation. According to Transport Canada, school bus passengers are 16 times safer than passengers of any other vehicle on the road.

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