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The Langs Bus Lines Fleet

Our fleet of modern school buses is maintained to the highest standards of safety and comfort. With state-of-the-art technology and regular safety inspections, we prioritize the reliability and efficiency of the Langs Bus Lines fleet to provide a seamless transportation experience for all of our riders.

Our Fleet - Electric Buses - Langs Bus Lines

Electric Buses

Here at Langs Bus Lines, we have embraced environmental consciousness by incorporating electric buses into our fleet. These emission-free vehicles not only contribute to cleaner air quality but also provide a quieter and more comfortable ride for students, enhancing the overall transportation experience.

Our Fleet - Vehicle Inspection - Langs Bus Lines

Drive Clean &
Vehicle Inspections

Langs Bus Lines buses use modern diesel emission control systems we follow a strict idling-reduction policy. Our drivers all receive SmartDriver training, our vehicles are inspected daily, and we ensure regular preventative maintenance and safety inspections as established by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. We spare no expense in guaranteeing the safety of our vehicles, and their emissions are no exception.

Our Fleet - Construction of our Buses - Langs Bus Lines

Construction of
our Buses and
Safety Features

Safety is our top priority, which is why our Langs Bus Lines school buses exceed industry vehicle standards with their robust construction and advanced safety features. Our school buses meet strict criteria for structural integrity, crash protection, fire retardancy, and emergency equipment. Passengers have high-backed, padded seats that provide optimal safety in the unlikely event of a collision, while our school buses feature reinforced steel elements, including enhanced emergency exits, mirrors, and lighting systems. And don’t forget the iconic chrome yellow and black colour scheme, along with overhead flashing lights and a stop arm, a timeless component of our commitment to passenger safety.